the man from oran (l'Oranais)

UK Premiere - Sunday, 8 November, 2015, 19:15 - Ciné Lumière, French Institute

The latest feature from award-winning actor/writer/director Lyès Salem continue to screen internationally after its 2014 French release.

The film has collected international awards, created political debate in France and Algeria, and opened to sold out screenings in Paris.

"During the first heady years that followed Algeria's independence, two friends, Djaffar and Hamid, look forward to a fine future in a free Algeria."

Anne Zander plays Elizabeth, wife of Hamid (Khaled Benaïssa).

All photos on this page courtesy of Jean-Claude Lother.

TV5 Monde footage: trailer plus additional clips, interviews with Lyès Salem and Sabrina Ouazani (version français)