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“It's painfully funny -- both in the sense that Zander's character, Jessica, is so awkward it's sometimes painful to watch and also that it's so funny you might hurt yourself laughing.”

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In a larger-than-life world of objects and imagination, Anne Zander explores the most awkward, endearing, hilarious and horrifying elements of pubescent fantasy and obsession.

Cluelessly insatiable and hilariously vulnerable, Zander’s character Jessica walks the teetering edge between innocence and desire and discovers what happens when she figures things out for herself. Pushing boundaries through clowning, improvisation, music, and very bad seduction, JUICEBOX is an over-the-top spectacle that is completely relatable to anyone who has ever been a teenager.

Graphic Art by  Tony Cohen

Graphic Art by Tony Cohen

Anne Zander is a performer, writer and producer (Le Why Not Productions). She studied clowning at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London (MA Theatre Lab) and beyond with her teacher Peta Lily. Zander has been improvising comedy for over a decade and currently has a resident show, Dear Diary, at Kickstand Comedy. She is bilingual (English-French) and represented by Ryan Artists in Portland.

Kateshia Pendergrass Photography

Kateshia Pendergrass Photography

“Zander is a master of physical comedy... But at the same time as she's completely ridiculous, [she] is also completely vulnerable.”

BroadwayWorld (on JUICEBOX)

“I laughed and cringed until my face hurt…”

BroadwayWorld (on JUICEBOX teaser)

 "...Zander has eyes that pierce and the ability to register an overwhelming number of emotions at once..."

— Exuent Magazine (On Drag King Richard III)

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